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Rob Hinton, 06/10/2019
O Lord, while precious children starve the tools of war increase (download)
Laura Polaine, 15/09/2019
O Lord, the clouds are gathering the fire of Judgment burns (download)
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Nigel Poole, 21/07/2019

What's our vision?

We believe that we cannot separate the building that we have been entrusted with from the community we serve. But that building is old, tired and in need of upgrading. We need new toilets, a new kitchen, a new heating system and more modern facilities to better meet the needs of the community. We want to create a community hub, where we can increasingly meet the needs that exist in Penge and encourage those who live around us.
We have been looking at how we can improve the areas within the church building in order to provide facilities that are modern, fully accessible and fit for purpose. We hope to develop the inside of the building to provide:

  • Additional flexible self-contained meeting/hall spaces for church and community use and external hire, with full disabled access
  • Church worship space
  • New toilets, including disabled facilities, and suitable baby- changing area
  • New kitchen fitted to semi catering standards
  • Separate café area
  • Upgraded, efficient, effective heating

We would love to be able to make all of these facilities and spaces fully accessible to all, regardless of mobility of other difficulties.
What you'll find at St John's      What we provide
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Morning Worship
10:30 Sunday 20 October, St John's Church, Penge
Evening Reflective Service
18:30 Sunday 20 October, St John's Church, Penge
School Half Term
Monday 21 October - Friday 25 October,
All Age Worship
10:30 Sunday 27 October, St John's Church, Penge
Little Fish!
09:30 Monday 28 October, St John's Church, Penge
Little Fish!
09:30 Wednesday 30 October, St John's Church, Penge
Family Communion
10:30 Sunday 3 November, St John's Church, Penge
Little Fish!
09:30 Monday 4 November, St John's Church, Penge