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Russell Jones, 15/11/2020
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 Our vicar, Rev Nigel Poole, retired from Parish ministry at the end of August 2019. He will be greatly missed and we thank him for the tremendous work he has completed during his time with us and we wish him all the best with whatever he decides to do next.

With Nigel's retirement, we as a church move into a phase known as an Interregnum. This is the time when we consider the needs of the church moving forward, and start the process of looking for and appointing the right person to become our new Vicar. This process will take some time. It is usual for an interregnum to last for 6 to 9 months — it can be a little less but can also be longer. In the meantime, we will continue with our services and activities as usual, and will have local clergy visiting to lead our Holy Communion services. 

When there is any information or further news, we will update this page. In the meantime, the best way of contacting St John's for church enquiries is to use our Contacts page (Please tap or click here)

Family Communion on Zoom
10:30 Sunday 6 December,
Afternoon Reflective Service
15:00 Sunday 6 December, St John's Church, Penge
Morning Worship on Zoom
10:30 Sunday 13 December,
Church Open for Private Prayer...
15:00 Sunday 13 December, St John's Church, Penge
Morning Worship on Zoom
10:30 Sunday 20 December,
Carol Service on Zoom
16:00 Sunday 20 December,
Christmas Morning on Zoom
10:30 Friday 25 December,
Morning Worship on Zoom
10:30 Sunday 27 December,